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Although the two American continents were not always joined, the southern landmass gave rise to saurian beasts which resembled northern species. Tyrotitan was a large diplodocus-type creature discovered in Argentina, some 40 feet from nose to tail, weighing in at five tons.

Another Diplodocus rival unearthed in the same modern country was the aptly-named Argentinosaurus. Discovered in 1987, the Cretaceous remains were nearly 100 million years old. As non-theropod dinosaurs go, this was among the very biggest specimens ever found, at an estimated 100 feet long and 80 tons. Amazonsaurus is another long-necked diplodocian, found in Brazil.

But the southern continent was not entirely populated by enormous placid herbivores. Meet Carnotaurus, aka the “Flesh-eating Bull” from Patagonia. At 25 feet and 1.3 tons, this theropod from Argentina was a hungry hunter – and the only dinosaur with horns! Giganotosaurus was another saurian killing machine, a T. Rex rival, with an estimated length of 40 feet and a mass approaching 15 tons.

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